Since 1987, EPT has been designing and providing personal development trainings worldwide. Founding member Jessie Gordon co-created and developed the programmes and is Managing Director to this day.

The EPT coaches are a global team of professional women who have years of experience working within the international business community. Coming from the performing arts, fine arts and other disciplines connected to human development, perception and awareness, they bring the maturity of their skills and knowledge with them to the EPT work.

We repeatedly experience that our methods and ideas work across the divide of different company cultures, nationalities and a diversity of ages, gender and race. Our wide range of enthusiastic clients proves and reaffirms the importance and necessity of the programmes we offer.

EPT has consciously chosen for a company structure that remains small and select so as to maintain the highest quality and value for our clients.

EPT is based in Amsterdam, NL, but we meet our clients at their convenience, around the globe.