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Non-judgmental curiosity, awareness and skill
“What Gap?” is designed and written in a style to provoke insight and to use as a Tool Box over a longer timeline. It is a hands-on (write in it if you wish) Leadership & Communication guide, with no formulas.

What Gap? A Communication Tool Box
Quality contact and mutual understanding can be as vital to our survival as food or sleep. And this is why we respond so positively to anyone who has the skills to close the UNDERSTANDING GAP, creating an interpersonal ‘click’. Any person to person interaction (in fact life) is an improvisation so the greater the communication skills and personal awareness of an individual, the richer and more effective the moment will be.

This book is a communication tool box for people who wish to take the lead and make a difference. It identifies the essential building blocks and takes you along the path of successfully implementing them.

Author Jessie Gordon
Jessie distils her knowledge and experience and shows how extraordinary things can happen with all of us, once we have the skills to close the understanding GAP.

Author: Jessie Gordon
ISBN 9789400503014
Published by A.W.Bruna
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“The Patient’s Guide” in any healthcare setting and during every formal or informal meeting with medical professionals, will help you to:

  • Ask useful, concise questions
  • Listen, respond and think clearly
  • Be brave when at the same time you may be feeling frightened or even helpless
  • See the doctor/health professional as an accessible human being
  • Establish yourself as an individual
  • Be aware of who knows what
  • Find your way in often complex health systems
  • Make well informed decisions

Includes real life examples and tips to support both the patient as well their friends and family to get the best out of our health system.

Explains how and why to use the PAC-CARD (Patient’s Action Communication–CARD), which is included in the back of the book.

THE PAC-CARD is a simple, repeatable checklist to encourage clear, open and time efficient communication. For free download, printable copies of the PAC-CARD in 9 different languages: www.pac-card.com

Author: Jessie Gordon
ISBN 9781326064389
Published by Lulu
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