1 or 2 day modules for groups of 4 to 10 former participants.

For those who have participated in an EPT Programme in the past 15 years.

All the EPT Programmes are an organic process in which the personal change and skills acquired continue to develop well beyond the duration of the programme. EPT Alumni will probably have integrated a lot of the EPT ideas into their daily life, however inevitably some will have fallen away.

EPT has devised one and two-day refresher programmes to re-establish and further develop the ideas and challenges experienced during the original programmme. There is always more to explore.

Each former EPT participant will share a common ‘EPT’ language and understanding with anyone who has participated on one of the programmes. They do not need to be with the same group of people with whom they originally participated. The dynamics of a diverse group can add to the deeper practical understanding of each person’s own communication qualities.

We tailor each refresher to a group’s and/or company’s specific needs.