At the heart of the EPT trainings is a deep exploration into 4 key leadership elements of your own communication.


  • 1. Is your Physicality supporting or confusing your message?
  • 2. Is your Voice using the whole range of vocal possibilities?
  • 3. Is your Imagination actively engaged in the imagery and ideas behind your words?
  • 4. Are your Emotions sincerely motivated and strategically aligned to the content of your message and the receiver?


You develop the ability to combine and balance your intellect, leadership experience and responsibilities with a full repertoire of communication techniques.

You learn how to achieve consistency between what you are perceiving and what you are saying with what is really happening and what you actually transmit.

You re-access the courage to sustain curiosity in any situation. Therefore whatever the pressures and demands happen to be, you will be able to manage and lead whilst remaining creatively receptive and strategically interactive.

You gain an expertise in:

  • Balancing strategy and content
  • Cognitive and intuitive decision making
  • Guiding adrenaline and energy
  • Creating trust
  • Personal impact
  • Clear imagination
  • Focused emotion
  • Making your ideas stick
  • Physical and vocal dexterity
  • Spatial awareness and ease
  • Personal freedom and humour
  • Power with dynamic silence and timing
  • The EPT checklist and support exercise


Throughout our training process a sizeable collection of communication skills connected to Leadership, Inspiration and Diversity are identified and embedded. Part of the embedding process is a continual exposure through experience; the key elements are gradually introduced and then re-occur in all the sessions from varying perspectives. For this reason, it is not possible to pin one learning element to one moment or session.

Our Method:

  • Strong clear structure refined over 25 years of development.
  • Reflective and action based days.
  • Unique workshop sessions to reduce and close Understanding Gaps.
  • Repeatable exercises.
  • Highly experienced trainers with the ability to identify and develop each participant’s strengths and recalibrate their limitations.

Our Approach:

  • Experiential with Proactive Feedback.

Our Tone:

  • Pragmatic, Practical, Confronting and above all Enjoyable.

Our Structure for most EPT programmes:

  • 6 participants with 2 or 3 EPT coaches.
  • 4 (10 hour) days in 2 x 2-day modules.
  • Between 2 and 12 weeks break in-between the modules.
  • Pre-course actions and preparation.
  • During the break between module 1 and 2 - Focused exercises and try-out techniques. Reminder emails (optional).
  • By the end of the programme - A clear personal development plan and a large repertoire of EPT exercises and skills are established to support Lifelong Learning.
  • Each participant receives a monthly humorous EPT email reminder of one of the main concepts (optional).
  • Each participant receives a monthly exercise-quote email from the book ‘What Gap?’ (optional).
  • Each participant has a network of EPT alumni to re-enforce and support ongoing development in the work place.
  • The EPT programmes take place in conference hotels - wherever the client wishes - worldwide.

All information and interactions during the programme remain confidential.